Original music and arrangements with the influence of jazz, R&B, neo-soul...I like to call it Neo-Jazz. Influenced by harmonizations of players like Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper and Snarky Puppy, as my skills and connection to this music increase, so will my songs and the sound of this project. I've played piano since I was a kid, but it wasn't until I started working with musician, record producer, arranger, film composer, jazz educator, and 2 time Grammy Award winner Kamau Kenyatta (Gregory Porter) that a shift in my playing and writing began to happen.


The current players in this project have backgrounds in funk from Kevin Cooper (Ike Turner) on bass, jazz harmonizations from Ricky Giordano on guitar, and R&B/neo-soul/gospel grooves from Abe Majors on drums. These guys bring my musical ideas to life. Based in San Diego, CA.